Abstract - Z303 (80x80) painting

Original handmade acrylic paint on wooden base canvas by selected Italian artists. The painting is without frame, which is not necessary for the painting. The package includes the screws and the hook for fixing it on the wall. The name of the picture contains its measure in cm.

Guarantee: Half year


  • Flowers - W233 (30x30) painting

    18.300 Ft

  • World - Z127 (60x90) painting

    34.700 Ft

  • Perseus coffee table

    143.500 Ft

  • Cacoon skyblue hanging chair

    89.900 Ft

  • Log bedside table

    86.100 Ft

  • Verona 161 rug

    48.300 Ft

  • Ginevra dining chair

    58.200 Ft

  • Cicladi armchair

    650.800 Ft