Hotel Lione pendant lamp

Hotel Lione is a classic style lamp in a modern way. Brown coloured chinette shade and satin nickel finish fixture. Suitable for halogen or fluorescent light bulbs or LED with E27 connection. Available in two sizes. Including light bulb.

Guarantee: 1 year


  • Marte dining table

    343.700 Ft

  • City sofa

    751.000 Ft

  • New Klab pendant lamp

    59.500 Ft

  • Cassiopeia floor lamp

    145.800 Ft

  • Jade Col.14 40x40 cushion

    5.300 Ft

  • Cacoon skyblue hanging chair

    89.900 Ft

  • Foglia vase

    23.600 Ft

  • Clava dine pendant lamp

    70.450 Ft