Ludovic pouf

100% Italian design. Classic style, soft-touch eco leather covered pouf with casing, “capitonné” manufacture, with matching ornamental buttons. Versatile design the lid can be used as a tray. Available in four different colours. Perfect choose for any room as a complement, or can be used as bed side table.

Guarantee: 2 years


  • Abstract - W556 (60x60) painting

    31.000 Ft

  • Sommier bed

    248.300 Ft

  • Asolo bed

    390.100 Ft

  • Tango coffee table

    336.500 Ft

  • Citymap pouf

    65.400 Ft

  • Harmony rug

    40.100 Ft

  • Pandora consol and dining table

    397.700 Ft

  • Santiago armchair

    77.800 Ft