Maciste dining table

Modern style, italian, premium wooden legs and wooden top, available in three colours. aluminium base extendible table with painted metal legs, available in three finishes. Tempered glass top is 1,2 cm thick, optional colours. Central extension, with integrated table top. Available in two sizes: from 220 cm to 320 cm length and 180 to 280 cm extendible table.

Guarantee: 2 years


  • Abstract - W218 (65x150) painting

    57.400 Ft

  • Sole dining table

    461.500 Ft

  • Capri wall clock

    88.600 Ft

  • Timeline wall clock

    67.500 Ft

  • Woodie wall clock

    65.900 Ft

  • Cacoon turquoise hanging chair

    62.200 Ft

  • Clava pendant lamp

    41.411 Ft

  • Tortona sofa

    605.200 Ft