Travel wall clock

Time Travel takes you today to New York, Cairo, Rio De Janeiro, Agra, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, Barcelona, Venice, Florence, Hong Kong and Prague ... choose your destination. The clock is made up of two elements, one in black-painted wood which is the base and the other in metal, shaped and colored the same color as the hands, different for each city. Battery quartz movement. Size: 40x40 cm

Guarantee: 1 year


  • World - Z126 (60x90) painting

    34.700 Ft

  • Lily dining chair

    48.600 Ft

  • Vertigo coffee table

    285.300 Ft

  • Neon coffee table

    221.800 Ft

  • Capri wall clock

    88.600 Ft

  • Blues sofa

    554.100 Ft

  • Decorate Col.88 46x46 cushion

    6.400 Ft

  • Kronos sofa - showroom sample

    817.445 Ft