X-table dining table

X-table is a design dining table, perfect choose for modern style dining rooms. The top of the table and the central leg is made of wooden veneer. The dining table is available in four wooden colours: walnut, oak, white oak and wenge. The table is in many sizes.

Guarantee: 1 year


  • Magellano dining table

    632.000 Ft

  • Marte dining table

    343.700 Ft

  • Nettuno Plus dining table

    513.500 Ft

  • Nizza dining chair

    46.500 Ft

  • Yuppie Du dining chair

    41.900 Ft

  • Theodora dining chair

    49.500 Ft

  • Pandora consol and dining table

    397.700 Ft

  • Ginevra dining chair

    69.900 Ft