Shinning rug - showroom sample

SHOWROOM SAMPLE 140x200cm. Shining is an elegant, high quality rug, based on international trends, 100% german quality. Modern abstract pattern, soft short hair rug. Thickness: 5 mm. Made of 100% polyester. Available in three colours. Sizes: 140x200 / 170x240 / 200x300 cm. Perfect solution for living rooms and bedrooms.

Guarantee: without warranty


  • Hercules dining table

    942.200 Ft

  • Atlas bedside tables

    159.300 Ft

  • Elite bed

    511.900 Ft

  • Piuma sofa

    612.100 Ft

  • Light eye ball wall lamp

    30.600 Ft

  • Bishade TL-1 table lamp

    61.227 Ft

  • Little Big Time Ø90cm wall clock silver

    12.800 Ft

  • DIY Cubic gold wall clock

    18.400 Ft