Sole dining table

100% Italian design. Modern young style extendible table with painted metal legs, 1 cm thick tempered glass or 1,3cm gres top. Sole is a flexible, modular table available in two sizes for tight spaces you can choose extendible from 110 cm to 150 cm,190 cm, 230 cm or for larger room it is available in extendible from 140 cm to 193 cm, 247cm, 300cm.

Guarantee: 2 years


  • Magellano dining table

    716.700 Ft

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    47.400 Ft

  • Nizza dining chair

    43.100 Ft

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    7.400 Ft

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    63.800 Ft

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    64.800 Ft

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    43.100 Ft

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    7.700 Ft