Losanna dining chair

Losanna is a 100% Italian design dining chair. Thanks to it's elegant and modern appearance, it is a perfect choose for unique dining rooms. The legs are made of natural wood or lacquered colours. The shell is soft touch eco leather, available in four colours. The edge of the shell is decorated with chrome.

Guarantee: 2 years


  • Abstract - W223 (80x180) painting

    90.400 Ft

  • World - Z124 (60x90) painting

    60.700 Ft

  • Windsor bed

    888.900 Ft

  • Cacoon wooden tripod

    179.700 Ft

  • Sciro sofa

    772.300 Ft

  • Canarie sofa

    630.700 Ft

  • Cacoon black hanging chair

    92.200 Ft

  • Argento bowl

    13.500 Ft