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Massaggio Deluxe mattress

Guarantee: 8 years


Soft-touch Viscose fabric.

Highly breathable 3D fabric

The mattress cover is removable and easy to wash.

The padding

Two different materials:

Memoform is an anatomical material that molds itself perfectly to the contours of the body . The built-in massaging system regenerates the skin's microcirculation and provides a pleasant feeling of well-being.

The Anti-allergenic, Breathable Fibre provides extra comfort and hygiene during sleep.

Level of comfort

The layer in Memoform with a thickness of 2 cm reacts to the body weight, molding itself perfectly to each silhouette and offering cozy comfort and anatomical support to the entire body.

Base layer

The 19 cm thick Elioform layer ensures optimal and firm back support.

Memoform (memory)

Memoform is the most anatomical of the materials used, and is designed to react to the weight of the body and to adapt perfectly to each silhouette. This property offers a pleasant feeling of ease and lightness during rest, and benefits the relaxation of the spine

3D fabric

The 3D fabric coating, characterized by a three -dimensional appearance, guarantees a high level of air recirculation and breathability determining a sensation of higher well -being.


Derived from cellulose, the viscose is a soft technophybra and with a silky texture, very pleasant to the touch. It has an excellent ability to dissipate humidity, promoting the breathability of mattresses and bacon


A rigid foam with a high-density microcellular structure. It provides a firm support, elasticity, and optimal breathability. Thanks to its different molecular composition, it is also available in a softer version named Eliosoft to satisfy every relaxation need.

  • Materials Memoform (memory), Elioform
  • Cover Viscose and 3D Fabric
  • Certifications Made in Italy, Oeko Tex Class 1, EC
  • Comfort Level Medium Firm
  • Thickness 25 cm
  • Support Medium
  • Warranty 8 years
  • Extra Cozy, Breathable, Soft to the touch, Massaging, Multi-zone, Mould-resistant, also suitable for storage beds, Removable and Washable, Medical Device Certified


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